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Record Lables, Publicists, etc.
Artists Submitting Music

Because of the volume of submissions, we do not have time to "fix" submissions in order to remain in compliance with DMCA rules. So please make sure of the the following before submitting:

1. Please make sure your music is encoded in MP3 format at a bitrate of at least 256 kbs. This ensures that the quality of your music can be heard.

2. Please make sure all the meta tags are filled in correctly and completely. This includes Artists name, song title, album name, track number, copyright information, and a quality picture of either the arist or album cover.

3. Because the station does cost a lot of money to operate, please make sure that your music is available on iTunes. We attach a "buy now" link to each song to help cover the costs of operations.

4. No cover songs will be accepted. We only play music written and recorded by the original artist.

The Soul of Indie uses Music Submit to accept individual artist submissions. You are able to set up a free account and submit to us through Music Submit at no charge. Please click the link below to set up your free account and submit to The Soul of Indie.
The Soul of Indie is always accepting submissions from Record Labels, Publicists, Distribution Managers, etc. Because we understand that you will be submitting in bulk and on a regular basis, we have set up a system for you to submit music to use via your distribution lists.

Please feel free to submit directly to us via email by sending us links to EPKs and download pages for the music you are submitting.