Submitting Music

Submitting Podcasts

Welcome to My Head Radio Not only plays the best hard rock and melodic metal bands from around the world, but also programs some podcasts.

If you have a podcast that you believe would be a "good fit" for our programming, please contact us via email at with a link to your podcasting page. If we are interested in adding your podcast to the lineup, we will contact you for more information.

General rules for podcasts to be considered: No political podcasts, no "adult" oriented podcasts (we are a pg-13 station), and no podcasts that endorse a specific product or service.

Welcome to My Head Radio would be happy to listen to your music and consider it to be added to the rotation of great hard rock and melodic metal bands.

In order for music to be considered, it must be a high quality MP3 format (192 kbs or higher), must not contain language that would not be appropriate for air on regular radio stations, must be tagged properly, and must be an original work of music. (We do not play covers)

You must own the rights or be an authorized agent for the artists of the music you submit. You agree that this is an at will submission and you will not charge a fee or residuals for the use of your music on this station.

Submissions will be reviewed for consideration for play on Welcome to My Head Radio. Submitting your music does not guarentee it will make the rotation.

Artists, please use the link above to submit your music. Because of the volume of submissions, we cannot accept individual submissions via email.

Record labels, promoters, and managers who wish to add Welcome to My Head Radio to their distribution list, please email us at

Welcome to My Head Radio is affiliated with Radio Indie Alliance. We report our top 10 weekly to be added to their official charts.
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